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Case Study

Whether you're looking for talent acquisition, talent development or implementing learning and development programs, we can customize a plan that will build you a high performing team.


Need to grow business organically within two fiscal years and wanted to do so by winning business with company model of success, which included management team.

Plan of action

In order to grow through acquisitions, needed to have 10-15 managers ready to relocate and accept escalated roles.

In conjunction with Director of Operations, designed an internal “Manager In Training” program in order to promote/backfill from within, thus providing prospective businesses a consistent brand.

Our Results

Determined markets where we had potential growth over the next two years.

Led team of Operations and support functions to create and implement a Manager In Training program, encompassing all areas in order to successfully train future leaders.

Established a Talent High Potential model in order to determine where we had prospective talent gaps for said growth.

Determined very specific criteria around skill sets required relocation areas and management support for additional employees we needed to train and promote from within.


Within two years of launch, able to grow business by $50M in strategic markets, promoting more than 9 employees.

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